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It’s not simply about the virus per se, nor about the stress of being confined at home. It’s about a large part of the South African people, who due to the current challenging economic crisis, and the confinement decreed in the face of the virus adversity, are suffering from fear, loneliness, deep poverty and hunger in times of a deadly pandemic. Living in South Africa nowadays is an act of surviving adversities in a country with an extensive list of human paradoxes, simultaneously absorbing and repelling tragedies whilst also displaying magnificent and heroic efforts of solidarity. A sense of fundamental anchor is being created, where safety and bonding keep the intrinsic value of life alive. Synergy Worldwide Logistics shares the values of transparency, integrity and non-discrimination of many other South African companies who are joining hands to help the most disadvantaged. As a business, we believe that food is a basic human right and that no one should go hungry, ever. As such, we wholeheartedly support the “Project Feed The Children” and “I-CARE Street Kids”. We have also recently donated a container to “Project Feed the Children” which will be used as a library for their community. We have people who, with incredible devotion, are encouraging and uplifting the disadvantaged parts of our community, with love and compassion towards their compatriots, with one uniting message:  Food is a human right, no one should be hungry! Our level 1 B-BBEE & 135% value adding supplier is additional proof of our unwavering commitment to the country and its people. Let’s all play our part in uplifting this beautiful country that we call home